Accreditation update - Eligibility requirement 10 ACCJC
President's Message

September 9, 2009

Work Group Leads are: Robert Burns and Rachael Westlake

President’s note: please know that the October 15, 2009 report is being edited to fit a specific format for ACCJC and as such there may be some changes to this excerpt currently being provided to the college community.

Eligibility Requirement 10: Student Learning and Achievement

The visiting team confirmed that Diablo Valley College defines and publishes the programs of study leading to an associate degree, certificate, and program of study leading to transfer. Program expected learning and achievement outcomes, however, have yet to be developed and published. (ER 10)


In order to address the eligibility requirement, DVC has now developed and published student learning outcomes for its instructional programs in the addendum to the catalog (Evidence 10.2) and on the college web site (

Plan of Action

The Vice President of Instruction will create a 100% reassigned time for a faculty member to serve as a facilitator to work with instructional departments/areas, the Faculty Senate SLO Committee and the Curriculum Committee to ensure that the college will comply with the ACCJC requirements for implementation of course-level SLOs by 2012.

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