Summer Accreditation Update and Timeline

President's Message

June 15, 2009

Summer Accreditation Update and Timeline

It is generally a good thing
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Mary Anne Radmacher

I sent an e-mail last week to everyone at DVC concerning how governance, pertaining to accreditation work, would be accomplished during the summer. This is a follow up to that message about our timelines, parking lot items, and how consultation for academic and professional matters will occur. Please note dates have been included for additional Leadership Council meetings in order for us to complete this work.

We are operating on the current principle:

Until there is an agreement to make changes, we will be operating using the current DVC College Governance structure, procedures, and committee structure.

We have a deadline to get our report to the CCCCD Board of Trustees for the September 30, 2009 meeting. That report will be due in the District Office on September 9, 2009. Here are the steps to meet the deadline for that report.

  • A Parking Lot Work Group consisting of the leads from Work Groups one, two, and three, which is where most of the parking lot items come from, has been convened. They are Ted Wieden (faculty), Sue Handy (classified), Mohamed Eisa (administration), Keith Mikolavich (faculty), John Baker (administration), Ray Goralka (faculty), and Dona DeRusso (classified). It is a representative work group that will be facilitated by Richard Livingston. I am an ex officio member. This group will meet during June with the goal of having a draft of the work completed by June 30th. They will address the following areas:
  1. College committees and clarification of functions
  2. Membership on the Integration Council
  3. Language and definitions of our flow chart linking budget to program reviews (assessment, ranking, prioritization).
  4. College Procedures which will need to be changed as a result of proposed changes to the college governance and committee structure.
  5. Any gaps which may need to be addressed as a result of the work from Work Groups One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
  • A special Leadership Council will be convened July 14th to send out draft copies of the report through the constituent representatives. Input will be gathered from the constituents for a July 27th special Leadership Council meeting (per current College Procedures).
  • After input, the College President and Academic Senate President will meet in consultation concerning those matters that are Academic and Professional (per current College Procedures).
  • We will hold another special Leadership Council meeting August 10th for the constituent groups to share the completed Draft Report. (Note; since input was taken in July, followed by consultation on Academic and Professional matters, this draft is to present a clear understanding of the proposed changes). According to our current college procedures, Matters than fall within the domain of academic and professional consultation (see b above) shall receive comments by other members of the Council but are not subject to a vote by the full Leadership Council group pursuant to Title 5, section 51023-51023.l7. In these matters the Faculty Senate will deliver a final recommendation or consultation. (DVC Procedure 1001.01 and 1009.01).
  • Implementation of Program Reviews, continued work on SLOs, and implementation of the Technology Plan will occur with our fall 2009 academic semester.
  • Leadership Council will meet on August 24th to receive the official concurrence from the constituent groups on the draft report. This report will then be submitted to the Board for their September meeting. Concurrently, at the August Leadership Council meeting will be a first reading of the proposed changes to the college procedures and committee structures and functions.
  • Leadership Council will then reconvene September 14th to receive the official feedback from the constituent groups on the proposed changes to college procedures, committee structures and functions. Once the work has been accepted the new College Council (the DVC governance committee) will be established with a simultaneous dissolving of Leadership Council. All of this work will appear in an addendum to our September report. This addendum will be given to the accreditation committee who will be visiting sometime in late October, first part of November.


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