Accreditation Oversight Task Force

President's Message

February 25, 2009


I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have spent nearly 150 hours these past 18 days working on this project, making suggestions, and creating the structure. I want to thank the Presidents of the Academic Senate, Laurie Lema; Classified Senate, Jocelyn Iannucci; and Associated Students of DVC, Bundit Kertbundit; for their timely response in acquiring members for the Work Groups and my thanks to the Managers for volunteering.

Following is a flow chart with the DVC Accreditation Oversight Task Force and the six Work Groups. You can click on the Task Force or a Work Group and go directly to the web page, which lists the members, charge, tasks, timelines, and meeting dates as currently known. The Oversight Task Force is composed of the Leads of each of the six Work Groups (plus a few others). This Task Force provides the overall structure for coordinating the necessary work and is charged with integrating the information across the various recommendations.

All Work Group and Task Force meetings are open to any interested persons. All agendas and minutes will be published. All shared governance processes will be utilized as appropriate within the work the group is doing. This means if the task is an academic and professional matter it will go through the Academic Senate, if the task is policy the group will use the College shared governance processes. We are on a very tight timeline and so information and feedback will be expected to meet those timelines.

The current DVC homepage has an accreditation link and all information available to the public is posted on this site. In addition there are also opportunities through Sharepoint for the Work Groups to have dialogue and discussion within the College community on their work. Some groups may elect to have surveys, focus groups, or additional dialogues created in order to elicit responses from the college communities.

Once the entire October 15th report has been written it will go to the College Leadership Council and shared through the constituent groups to their members. The report will be given to the District Office September 8 for the September 30 Board meeting.

Chancellor Benjamin will be involved as appropriate with our work, Deborah Blue has been assigned as a resource to the DVC Oversight Task Force and Richard Livingstone will be the facilitator


 Accreditation Oversight Task Force


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