Accreditation Oversight Task Force

President's Message

February 23, 2009


There has been some concern raised as to the "big picture" regarding the organization planned for our October 15th report to ACCJC. The February 19th communication was supposed to answer those questions, but I have since realized that if people still had some concerns, my communication obviously was not as clear as I thought. So first, let me thank all of those who have spent nearly 150 hours these past 17 days working on this project, making suggestions, and creating the structure. Second, I want to clarify the structure in more concrete terms for everyone.

We have a DVC Accreditation Oversight Task Force overseeing all aspects of integrating the accreditation work in response to the October 15th report required by the ACCJC February 3, 2009 letter placing DVC on Show Cause.

Reporting to the Task Force are six college-wide Work Groups assigned to the five recommendations (one work group is assigned to two recommendations) and two Eligibility Requirements. Each work group is composed of representatives of the College governance constituents. I want to thank the Presidents of the Academic Senate, Classified Senate and Associated Students of DVC for their timely response for members to the Work Groups and my thanks to the Managers for volunteering.

The Task Force is composed of the Leads of each of the six Work Groups (plus a few others) thereby creating the opportunity for integrating the information across the various assignments and providing an overall structure for accomplishing the necessary work.

The current DVC homepage has an accreditation button and all information available to the public is posted on this site. In addition we are also creating opportunities through sharepoint for the Work Groups to have dialogue and discussion within the College community on their work. In addition some groups may elect to have surveys, focus groups, and additional task work groups created in order to meet the deadlines.

Chancellor Benjamin has made it very clear that she will be involved as appropriate with our work, Deborah Blue has been assigned as a resource to the Task Force and Richard Livingstone will be the facilitator to the Task Force.

Following is the membership of the Task Force. The membership, charge, and tasks of the six Work Groups has been identified and will be released as soon as the Task Force reviews the information on Friday.

DVC Oversight Task Force Membership:


Academic Senate President: Laurie Lema
Classified Senate President: Jocelyn Iannucci
ASDVC President (or designee):
Lead of Work Group One: Ted Wieden
Lead of Work Group Two: Mohamed Eisa
Lead of Work Group Three: John Baker
Co-Leads of Work Group Four: Claudia Hein and John Mullen
Lead of Work Group Five: Susan Lamb
Co-Leads of Work Group Six: Ben Seaberry and Mark Steidel
Additional Members to the Task Force are : Rachael Westlake, Chris Leivas, *Kevin Horan, Deborah Blue (Resource)
Facilitator: Richard Livingston
Ex Officio: Judy Walters, President
Note taker: Jeanie Dewhurst, Senior Executive Assistant
* Representative from SRC

Meeting Dates:

Every other Friday beginning with February 27, 2009 (additional meetings will be scheduled as needed).



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