Non-guaranteed housing

Non-Guaranteed Homeshare

We at International Student Admissions and Services (ISAS), maintain a limited registry of hosts who rent rooms in their homes. The student is responsible for contacting the party renting the room and negotiating the rental rates independently. No meals are included in the non-guaranteed homeshare. The student has a private bedroom, usually a shared bathroom, use of the kitchen, kitchen utensils and the host's home. The rental costs for these living arrangements range for about $475.00 per month to about $750.00 per month, depending on proximity to DVC. Some hosts, not all, require a one-time deposit in addition. Deposit range from $50.00 per month to one month's rent and are usually returned to the student at the time they move out. This option does not guarantee a placement for the student.

Non-Guaranteed Apartment Living

If a student wants to live in apartment or condominium, he/she must find their housing independently, although, we offer contact information at the ISAS office. Costs are high close to college but as you move further away the college, apartment costs go down.




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