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When an alert has been issued or an emergency is in progress, we will make every effort to update the Alert Bulletins page and provide you with the most current information available.



If you hear the alert siren or receive an alert notification:

  • Shelter (go to a safe indoor location)
  • Shut (close and lock all doors and windows)
  • Listen (tune to KCBS 740 AM or 106.9 FM, KTVU -2 or access the District web page at www.4cd.edu for further information or instructions)

Sirens are tested on the first Wednesday of every month at approximately 11:00 a.m. During testing, the sirens sound for approximately 30 seconds. If the sirens are heard at any other time or the sound continues for longer than one minute, take immediate protective action.

To subscribe to receive alerts via e-mail and/or cell phone text message, please visit our 4CD Alert Subscription Page.

To view important bulletins regarding emergencies, critical incidents, or events that may be occurring upon or  affecting any of our campuses, please visit the Campus Alert System page.

For more information about 4CD Alert, please visit our 4CD Alert FAQ Page.


Site emergency maps

The following Site Emergency Maps show the location of key emergency resources for featured District campuses and facilities. These resources include:

  • Automated External Defibrillators (AEDS)
  • Areas of Rescue Assistance
  • Evacuation Assembly Areas
  • District Police Departments

To view a map, click on the following campus or facility link:


Emergency management:

The following general guidelines provide information on specific topics for those who may have emergency response or management responsibilities:

A complete document containing all available event-specific and general guidelines may be downloaded/printed from the following link:

Emergency Operations Plan/EOP (2010)

To copy/print an Emergency Procedures Wall Card, Click Here.

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