How do I enroll?

High school placement

Enrolling in College Today is easy!

Just follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Complete the online admissions application at OpenCCC .
  2. Download and complete the Special Admission Recommendation Form.  You may only take courses approved by your high school.  This form must be signed by your high school principal or designee.  If the course has a prerequisite requirement, you must show that you have satisfied this requirement by completing the Prerequisite Form and obtaining a copy of your high school transcript (an unofficial transcript is acceptable).
  3. Take your signed Special Admissions Recommendation Form, Prerequisite Form (if required) and transcript (if required) to the Admissions and Records office to register for your class(es) in person.  High school students are not permitted to register for courses online.  Special Admissions Forms that do not have a list of approved courses will not be accepted.


Note: Registration in classes is subject to available seats in course section.


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