Photo of the Week

Be the first DVC student to identify where on campus this photo was taken, or of what DVC landmark is in this photo and win a gift card from the DVC Book Center.

To enter, go to the DVC Facebook page and 'Like' us (if you haven't already). Then you can post your guess. The first student who guesses correctly will win! Be specific, some of these may be tricky!

Contest rules and how to claim your prize.

photo contest week 10

Past Photo of the Week locations. Click on photo below for larger view.

photo of the week 8


This is located on an outside door to the bookstore. As you are about to turn a corner that would lead to the entrance you will notice a door which is a private entrance with this handle on it. 

photo of the week 7


It didn't take ng for one of our viewers to tell us the right answerer. This a plaque located by the large pond on the grass in front of the Student Union Building. It is to honor the Founders Oak tree, which was an important landmark on campus when DVC first opened its doors back in the 50's.

photo of the week 6   

It took a almost a week but we finally had a winner. This is a statue located in the art building courtyard.

photo of the week 

This was correctly identified as the fireplace in the Trophy Room. This wall has several panels embedded with fossils! Each panel is different.


photo of the week 5

Within of a few hours of posting this photo we had a winner. This is a beautiful original painting that is hanging on the wall of first floor of the Student Union Building.

photo of the week

This photo required 7 days and a more detailed version of the photo before it was identified!


The winner guessed that this is part of a Drama Department costume. You can see the entire, regal costume in the lobby of the PAC.

student union awning

Our winner knew that this is part of the arched metal "awning" over the entrance to the Student Union Building.

photo of the week - week one

It took less than 5 hours for the winning guess to arrive!

This is a close up of the mechanics in the old fashioned printing press located in the glassed-in area of the Humanities Building.

photo of the week winner

We had a winner before our contest officially began! Our students are smarter than the photo of the weekers!

This is a photo of the rocks between two of the three pools in the Japanese pond area located just below the ATC building. Look for the frogs, koi and turtles that live in the ponds.