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Cooperative Work Experience Education (Co-op)

What is Cooperative Work Experience Education?
Co-op education is an academic course that enables students to receive elective credit for learning that takes place at a job or internship. Students are eligible to earn elective units up to a total of 16.

How do I enroll in Co-op Education?
Step 1: Complete a Co-op Application before the start of term. You can print the application or you can pick it up in the Career & Employment Services Office located in the Student Services Center, Room 138. Once the form is complete, return it to the office via mail, drop-in or fax (925-691-7538).

Step 2: After you turn in your application, you will be notified via email, which section number to enroll in.

Step 3: After receiving you co-op section number, you can enroll through Admissions and Records or Web Advisor. Refer to the Schedule of Classes for the time and day of the one-time Mandatory Orientation Meeting.

Step 4: Attend the mandatory orientation on the first day of class.
*Note: ALL students must attend the Mandatory Orientation Meeting. No shows will be dropped. The remainder of the course is hours by arrangement with your co-op instructor.

Do you need a job/internship/volunteer position to enroll in Co-op education?

Yes! If you do not have a job, internship, or volunteer position, you cannot enroll in Co-op. However, Career & Employment Services is committed to providing ample opportunities for you to get a job. Any job, internship, or volunteer position in which the student is regularly supervised and which offers a learning experience through the establishment of learning objectives is suitable. If you need assistance in job/internship search, please visit us in Career and Employment Services.

Three types of Cooperative Education:
• COOP 160 is for students whose jobs DO NOT relate to their college major or career goal.
• COOP 170 is for students whose jobs RELATE to their college major or career goals.
• COOP 170A is for students in a volunteer position or internship.



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